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  • The Worship Pastor: An Interview with Zac Hicks

    By Dave Talley


    Recently, I learned of a book, and for some reason I felt like I knew the author. So I did some searching and found the website for the church where the author now serves. His bio confirmed the connection. He had graduated from Biola University with a B.A. in ...

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  • Make Good People Wish It Were True (Pascal)

    By Fred Sanders


    After 9 hours of discussing Pascal’s Pensées with juniors in the Torrey Honors Institute this week, I feel (yes, in my heart, which knows many things reason cannot know) that he is a subtle author indeed. His fragmentary apologetic for the Christian religion, though in form it’s

    The ...

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  • Was Revealed, Is Revealed

    By Fred Sanders


    Once upon a time, the triune God revealed the triunity of God. Before that time, God was triune but wasn’t saying so. Maybe there were hints and undertones here and there in the ways and words of the triune God throughout the Old Testament, but

    The post Was Revealed ...

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  • Does Porn Really Harm Society? An Interview with Dr. John Foubert

    By Sean McDowell

    Feb. 21, 2017

    Dr. John Foubert has been studying pornography and its effects on people for over a decade. I have written and spoken extensively on pornography, so I was eager when Dr. Foubert graciously asked me to endorse his recent book How Pornography Harms. And it did not disappoint. In fact, I ...

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  • Doing Ministry Together: Priorities of a Good Family Life

    By John Hutchison

    Feb. 20, 2017

    One of the greatest assets to effective ministry is a positive message coming from the home—specifically a healthy marriage and stable relationships with children. Patterns of dysfunction here can be disastrous. Paul provided for two young pastors, Timothy and Titus, a list of qualifications for church leadership (1 Tim ...

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  • How to Answer Objections: A Case in Point

    By William Lane Craig

    Feb. 17, 2017

    Dr. Craig,

    I have been deeply troubled by a possible objection to the Kalam Cosmological argument which I believe is one of the strongest arguments for theism. In what sense can God be thought to exist as a timeless entity? Doesn't the notion of existence itself imply time. I ...

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