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  • Would Finding Jesus’ Corpse Falsify Christianity?

    By William Lane Craig


    Dr. Craig, my question has two parts.

    First, would agree that if the body of Christ were to be found that this would give good reason to think Christianity is false? Assuming of course that we could know that the body was in fact Christ's body. This seems to ...

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  • Jesús nos pide todo no solamente el diezmo / Jesus Demands All, Not Just Our Tithe

    By Octavio Esqueda

    Mar. 23, 2017

    Los cristianos son seguidores de Jesucristo. La palabra que se usaba en los tiempos de Jesús para designar a sus seguidores es discípulos. Por lo tanto, ser un cristiano es ser un discípulo de Cristo (Hechos 11:26).

    En Lucas 14:25-35, y en otros pasajes m ...

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  • What Is the Unique Worldview of Students Today? An Interview with Dr. Jeff Myers

    By Sean McDowell

    Mar. 22, 2017

    As a high school student, I went to a two-week worldview experience in the mountains of Colorado Springs called Summit Ministries. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. Looking back now, over two decades later, I realize that it was one of the most formative faith ...

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  • Jesus Puts the Melody in Education

    By Thaddeus Williams

    Mar. 21, 2017

    In our day, wherever it is found, the fruits of intellectual inquiry grow from the conviction that there is such a thing as truth out there to discover. Take an axe to the existence of truth and you no longer have education, you have propaganda. Ideologies that deny the very ...

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  • “Something We Would Not Have the Right to Expect” [Video]

    By Fred Sanders

    Mar. 21, 2017

    About six months ago I did a couple of interviews with the folks at Grace Communion (click here for the first one). The second and final episode is now available. In it, Mike Morrison asks me about two of my favorite, most Trinitarian subjects: adoption

    The post “Something We Would ...

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  • Helping without Enabling or Disabling Our Kids

    By Jane Carr

    Mar. 20, 2017

    ... Kids today are surrounded by a secularized society that bombards them with advertising, television, and social media messages. Parents are juggling demanding careers and family life in light of societal pressures to be more, do more, and have more. Our good intentions of helping, protecting, and providing for our kids ...

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