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  • La Reforma y las Indulgencias, Pasadas y Actuales / The Reformation and Indulgences, Both Past and Present

    By Octavio Esqueda


    En este año se celebra alrededor del mundo los 500 años del inicio de lo que se conoce como La Reforma protestante. El 31 de octubre de 1517 el monje agustino Martín Lutero clavó en la puerta de la Iglesia del Castillo en Wittenberg en Alemania 95 ...

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  • Adventures at Acton: A Reflection on Human Flourishing

    By James Petitfils


    This summer, as part of my participation in Talbot’s Kern Foundation reading group, I had the opportunity to travel to Grand Rapids and attend a 4-day think tank called Acton University. This was my first time participating in a think tank (unless you count my years watching MacGyver problem-solve ...

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  • Announcement: New Apologetics Curriculum for Students!

    By Sean McDowell

    Jul. 18, 2017

    Recently I had the chance to partner with Awana to create a yearlong, systematic, top-quality apologetics curriculum for students. It is the product of my work with students for the past two decades. My friend Tim Fox (Orthodox Fox) at Free Thinking Ministries was kind enough to briefly interview me ...

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  • How Do We Understand and Reach Generation Z?

    By Sean McDowell

    Jul. 17, 2017

    For the past few months I have been reading every study I can find on Generation Z, (those born between 1995-2010). With the help of a graduate student who did some research for me, I found over 350 pages of research on Gen Z, which took me dozens of hours ...

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  • When God Hides From Us (E014)

    By Frederick Cardoza

    Jul. 17, 2017

    “We need never shout across the spaces to an absent God. He is nearer than our own soul, closer than...

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  • Using a Daily Devotional Book

    By William Lane Craig

    Jul. 14, 2017

    Dr. Craig,

    I have noticed something that troubles me while surveying common devotional books and guides that many Christians rely on in their daily lives. I have noticed that a common template for your average devotional tends to quote a Bible passage but then follows it with a well-meaning anecdote ...

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