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  • Sometimes Answering an Atheist Dignifies Folly

    By Clay Jones


    This is a post from: Clay Jones

    Our contention is simple: taking some atheist arguments seriously dignifies folly, encourages self-satisfying flattery, and diminishes the power of gospel proclamation. The article that Joseph E. Gorra, the managing editor of Philosophia Christi, and I co-authored for the Christian Research Journal follows: … Continue ...

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  • Visits to Heaven and Hell, Part One

    By Alan Gomes


    This blog post is an excerpt from my forthcoming 40 Questions on Heaven and Hell. This book is part of Kregel Publisher’s “40 Questions” series, edited by Benjamin L. Merkle. Besides the issue treated in this blog post, my book will also deal with questions such as: Does the ...

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  • What is the Most Valuable Thing from Your Talbot Experience that Impacts How You Do Ministry Now?

    By The Good Book Blog


    Talbot faculty member, James Petitfils, and a panel of Talbot graduates who are now pastors in Southern California discuss how their Talbot education now impacts their ministry today in valuable ways.

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  • Stick to Your Proper Business

    By Fred Sanders

    Jan. 23, 2015

    An (unsigned) editorial by R. A Torrey in the September 1916 edition of Biola’s King’s Business shares a story about a busy pastor learning a lesson about time management. Seven resignations in one day is pretty inspirational (though in retrospect the better part of wisdom

    The post Stick ...

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  • Divine Concurrence

    By William Lane Craig

    Jan. 23, 2015

    This is the weekly Q & A blog post by our Research Professor in Philosophy, Dr. William Lane Craig.

    Dr. Craig,

    I recently listened to your Podcast from the Defenders class on God's concurrence (Defenders 2, Doctrine of Creation: Part 8). At the outset, you explained that God is the ...

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  • Reviews of “God’s Super-Apostles” and “A New Apostolic Reformation?”

    By R. Douglas Geivett

    Jan. 23, 2015

    For more information about our books on the New Apostolic Reformation, you may want to read these reviews: • Tim Challies • Brian T. Dempsey • George Paul Wood • “Young, Restless, and Reformed, here and here • Amazon, here and here. If you learn of reviews that should be included in this list, please […]

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