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  • Everything I Ever Learned About Leadership I Learned from NCIS

    By Nell Sunukjian


    In the top-ranked TV show, NCIS, special agent Tony Dinozzo is on assignment in Marseille, France, charged with bringing home to the USA the grown daughter of an Admiral, who is one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Both of their phones have been destroyed or compromised, so Tony has ...

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  • Reflexiones Sobre El Matrimonio En Nuestro Aniversario / A Few Thoughts About Marriage On Our Anniversary

    By Octavio Esqueda

    Jul. 30, 2014

    La semana pasada mi esposa, Angélica, y yo celebramos 16 años de casados. Angélica es, sin duda, la mayor bendición que he recibido y nuestro matrimonio ha sido el mejor y a la vez el más difícil tiempo de mi vida. Estoy profundamente agradecido ...

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  • The Importance of Spiritual Formation - A Personal Story

    By Joe Hellerman

    Jul. 29, 2014

    Each August the Hellermans spend several weeks vacationing in the mountains, in Mammoth Lakes, CA. One afternoon, on one of our getaways, our oldest daughter (then thirteen years old) came out of her room with a play she had written. Rebekah has always been into drama. She had participated in ...

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  • Anti-Platonism and Moral Realism

    By William Lane Craig

    Jul. 25, 2014

    "Can you be an anti-realist about some things and a realist about others? For example, do you no longer give the realist resolution to the Euthyphro Dilemma, no longer ground the Good in God's nature? Couldn't abstract objects be grounded in the Logos (divine, rather than Platonic, essentialism)?"

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  • Some Thoughts on Work

    By Michelle Lee-Barnewall

    Jul. 24, 2014

    I am all for weekends (even when I have to work, such as doing lesson planning, grading, or writing a blog post!). But sometimes we can fall into the trap of thinking of work as the negative and leisure or rest as the positive aspect of our lives. Work can ...

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  • Some Life Lessons from Mom & Dad – Part Three

    By Mick Boersma

    Jul. 23, 2014

    I gleaned more wisdom from my parents than any blog could contain, but here are three more lessons that stand out in my mind and heart as I remember Bob & Reka, lovebirds to the end.

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