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  • Why Are Hedonists Worthy of Moral Condemnation?

    By William Lane Craig


    This is the weekly Q & A blog post by our Research Professor in Philosophy, Dr. William Lane Craig.

    I am a hedonist who lives to be happy and to enjoy his life. I have no desire whatsoever to live for anyone or to serve anybody. That would include God himself ...

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  • Can you be a missionary in your own neighborhood?

    By Kenneth Nehrbass

    Apr. 27, 2017

    As a professor of missions, I often hear people say "you can be missionary right in your own neighborhood."  As with any academic field, it's important to get the terms clear. While you can be an evangelist in your own neighborhood, "missionary" and "missions" should not be confused with ...

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  • Why So Many Metaphors for the Holy Spirit?

    By Kenneth Berding

    Apr. 27, 2017

    Why does the Bible use so many metaphors and analogies to describe the Spirit’s activities and our relationship to them? Why not employ concrete language to teach us what we need to know about the Holy Spirit and our relationship to him? ...

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  • A Practical Response to Raising Adults In an Infantilizing Culture

    By Sean McDowell

    Apr. 26, 2017

    It’s no secret that young people in our culture are growing up later than ever. The life transitions into adulthood, such as being financially independent and getting married, now often happen in the early 30s, if at all. In many ways, 30 is the new 20. As a result ...

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  • Hank Hanegraaff Goes Greek Orthodox

    By Mark Saucy

    Apr. 26, 2017

    The recent welcome of Evangelical radio apologist, “The Bible Answer Man” —Hank Hanegraaff, into the Greek Orthodox Church has understandably raised more than eyebrows.  Questions about the differences between Protestants and Orthodox have been coming my way in the aftermath, so I want to offer to Good Book Blog readers ...

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  • Warfare in the Ancient Near East and the Old Testament 1: An Overview

    By Charlie Trimm

    Apr. 25, 2017

    I have recently finished the manuscript of a book tentatively entitled Fighting for God and King: A Topical Survey of Warfare in the Ancient Near East, which will be published by SBL Press at some point in the future. The book is designed to be a sourcebook on all topics ...

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