K–12 Summer Offerings from Biola Youth Academics

Learn About Biola Youth Academics Summer Offerings and Tutoring

June 22 - August 14

Summer offerings and tutoring for public, private, and home educated students for grades K–12.

June 10 - September 7

Don't miss out on this historical exhibit!

August 21 - 29


Global Health Conference

Christian Responses to Global Health Issues

December 2 - 4

Christ centered health care needs refinement and new directions across the world today. We need clear answers in a changing world, on the significance and the role that Christ centered health care professionals and institutions should function. Thus, it is crucial that we meet to redefine and reaffirm our God-given roles and responsibilities, in facing the challenges of changing disease patterns, massive environmental & natural disasters, and other upheavals in the social fabric of our world.

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