Behzad Varamini

  • Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Behzad Varamini grew up in frigid Wisconsin before moving to the east coast where he earned his bachelor of science degree in Biotechnology. After an eye opening internship at the National Cancer Institute, where he studied nutrition and colon cancer prevention, he became interested in how nutrients regulate genes. As a result, he studied omega-3 fatty acids in neonatal development at Cornell University while earning his Ph.D. in Nutritional Science. During graduate school, Varamini developed a passion for teaching and mentoring students, so he went on to further work and study at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. While there, he studied the molecular signaling mechanisms of resveratrol, a molecule found in red wine which is thought to have anti-aging and anti-diabetic properties. He also took classes at Penn in teaching and curriculum development and served as an adjunct faculty at several nearby universities and colleges. This experience cemented his interest and passion for teaching, and at Biola University Varamini tries to incorporate the latest research and information on nutrition and human health into his course content. Varamini is quite fascinated by the lack of winters and abundance of traffic in Southern California.

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