Mark Pichaj

  • Assistant Professor of Physical Science

Mark Pichaj has taught courses in physical science to non-science majors, introductory chemistry and chem labs to science majors, and science education to prospective science teachers here at Biola since 2000. Previously, he worked in industry doing analytical chemistry on water and soils, and was a high school science teacher in the city of Los Angeles. He holds master's degrees in philosophy and secondary science education, and is a member of the American Chemical Society.

Mark's interests include science pedagogy, especially using demonstrations in formal and informal science education, and safety in the chemical laboratory. He is also interested in the history and philosophy of science, integrating the study of science with our Christian faith and learning how to teach the natural sciences without teaching naturalism, as well. His home is in Burbank, where he lives with his wife and two daughters, one dog, three egg-laying hens and a beta fish. Mark's family attends Calvary Bible Church, where he teaches adult Sunday School classes and plays trombone in the orchestra.

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