Experts on "Partnership"

Moussa Bongoyok

  • Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies

Moussa Bongoyok was born in Cameroon. He is a faculty member at Biola University and President of the Board of Directors of the Francophone University of International Development. He is a pastor, evangelist, author and professor. He has a range of experience in teaching, pastoral care, international development, academic administration, leadership at various levels and cross-cultural ministry in more than twenty countries (Africa, Europe, North America and Asia). Bongoyok brings strong skills in areas of intercultural communication, systematic theology, program development and implementation, balance between scholarship and practice, cross-cultural competencies, Christian ethics and non-Western perspectives on current trends. He is married to Priscille and they have three children.

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Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639