Experts on "Archaeology"

Titus Kennedy

  • Adjunct Professor of Archaeology

Dr. Titus Kennedy is an archaeologist working primarily with sites and materials related to the Bible, predominantly from the Bronze Age through the Roman period. His fieldwork includes archaeological excavations and surveys at numerous sites in the Middle East and the Americas, and artifact research at museums all over the world. He received his doctorate in Biblical Archaeology from the University of South Africa, two MA degrees in Near Eastern Archaeology and Biblical Archaeology from the University of Toronto and the University of South Africa, and a BA from Biola University. His archaeological interests include Biblical Archaeology, the interplay between ancient documents and the archaeological record, and the similarities between civilizations of antiquity. He teaches courses on archaeology and the ancient world as an adjunct professor, works as a researcher and consultant on media and curriculum projects, and has published numerous articles dealing with archaeology and the Bible.

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Paul E. Langenwalter

  • Assistant Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology

Professor Langenwalter is an archaeologist who focuses on the cultural ecology of the peoples of California, the American West and Oceania. His studies include research in human adaptations, ethnicity, animal use and culture change. He brings 27 years of teaching experience to Biola, coupled with experience in museology, vertebrate paleontology and cultural resource management. A long-term goal of Professor Langenwalter is the development of an increased participation of Christians in anthropology. It is his desire to equip students with an anthropological perspective and the tools to increase their effectiveness in their profession, their communities and in cross-cultural settings. He has participated in the modern development of the anthropology program at Biola, and supervises the excavation of the mammoth at the dig site adjacent to Hope Hall. As an active research scientist, he acts as a Principle Investigator and Collaborator for archaeological and paleontological research projects, advises various state and local commissions, and peer review.

Credentials Include:

  • Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA)
  • Certifications in Field Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Archaeometric and Natural Science Research
  • California Community College Instructor Credential

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