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Nicholas C. Block

  • Associate Professor

After beginning his career in education as a science teacher in Bogotá, Colombia in 1984, Nick Block has worked most of his years in the U.S. as a public school teacher in grades three to five in a variety of language settings. At Biola, Block has taught since 2014 in the undergraduate, graduate, and Induction/Clear Credential programs. He has mainly taught courses in philosophy of education, research methods, academic writing, and multicultural education. Past research in dual language education as well as decades of experience as a bilingual educator (including 26 years in Montebello Unified School District) contribute to his concern that students grow as expert users of language. While concerned with all subject areas, in his teaching with young children he was greatly concerned with vocabulary development as a basis for subject matter comprehension and writing growth. Block’s most recent research has focused on vocabulary development in middle school science, and he has continued his interest in dual language schools that he has had for two decades.

In addition to his work in K-12 schooling, teacher preparation, and master's level work at Biola, Block has been involved in theological education in Los Angeles, Colombia, and Rwanda. Whether supporting young teachers in teaching new words or new pastors in teaching the Word, his greatest desire is to help others to be fruitful in their calling.

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