Experts on "Foreign Language Education for Americans"

Katherine Purgason

  • Chair, Department of Applied Linguistics & TSEOL
  • Program Director, Applied Linguistics & TESOL
  • Professor of TESOL

Dr. Purgason brings to her classes in TESOL methodology, curriculum, materials, and intercultural communication her years of experience living, studying, serving, and teaching in India, Russia, Korea, China, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Mauritania, Indonesia, Kuwait, Oman, Tajikistan, Vietnam, and Spain. She has received two Fulbright fellowships and the Biola Faculty Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring. She has been a U.S. State Department English Language Specialist. Her professional interests include methodology in local context and professional ethics.

Dr. Purgason has presented on methodology-and materials-related topics at more than 30 local, state, and national TESOL conferences, and has spoken about TESOL at Urbana and other similar conferences. She is the author of "Planning Lessons and Units" in Celce-Murcia, Brinton, & Snow (2013), "Classroom Guidelines for Teachers with Convictions" in Wong and Canagarajah (2009), English Language Teaching in Theological Contexts (2010), and “A Clearer Picture…A Reader Responds to Julian Edge’s ‘Imperial Troopers and Servants of the Lord’” in TESOL Quarterly 36:4 (2004).

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