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Brendon Anthony

  • Instructor, Biological Sciences

Brendon Anthony teaches a variety of environmental science courses for both SSTH majors and non-majors. He enjoys teaching class sessions at the Biola Organic Garden, taking students on field trips, and organizing overnight camping trips to experience the different unique habitats found in Southern California. He has worked on multiple farms; he cares deeply about the state of the environment and how we can be better stewards of it.

Brendon Anthony‚Äôs research focus is one of agroecology and missional application. He investigates ecological agriculture principles such as: low-tech drip line irrigation systems and dehydration systems for food preservation. Both of these low-cost technologies could be implemented and modeled for farmers in developing countries within a missional context. Additional interests include tree physiology, photomorphogenesis, and urban agriculture technologies.  Investigation of these elements through photoselective shade nets and various grow medias will be conducted in the aquaponics system on campus. An alumnus of Biola, Brendon also co-founded and currently runs Harvest Craft, an international agricultural development non-profit. Harvest Craft has done work in Mexico, Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda and Haiti, where the Haiti Center for Agroecology was founded. He continues to travel and consult on sustainable agricultural systems for orphanages, rehabilitation centers for human trafficked victims, churches, schools and community centers. The focus of the organization is to bring about social justice, economic development and environmental restoration in these countries.

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