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Chelsie Balli

  • Director of Quantitative Reasoning and Instructor of Mathematics

Chelsie Balli is serving at Biola as the director of the quantitative reasoning program. This role will enhance the department’s contribution to the University’s core curriculum and requires a unique blend of mathematics and administrative expertise. Chelsie believes that the integration of faith and learning is a key element of the educational theory and practice of a Christian University which includes equipping students for all aspects of life after college. She has studied how confidence and understanding in mathematics are related to a person’s confidence and success in other areas of life, and she strives to equip her students with that very confidence. Chelsie comes to Biola after nearly seven years of progressive leadership responsibility in Mathnasium Company Centers, an organization consisting of 1,000 stores worldwide enhancing the understanding of mathematics in children matched with her graduate education in curriculum and instruction.

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Eric Hedin

  • Chair, Department of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering
  • Professor of Physics & Astronomy

Eric Hedin’s passion in teaching explores the topics of physics and astronomy in a way that highlights the harmony and design of nature. The laws of physics work together in remarkable concert to provide a universe that not only allows the existence of life, but also invites discovery of the hidden wisdom of its Creator. With more than 20 years of teaching experience in public and Christian higher education, Hedin desires to engage students with the wonder and satisfaction of understanding the depths and boundaries of science.

Hedin has engaged students in research projects ranging from nanoscience to cosmology, and fusion energy to wind power. As a physicist, opportunities to mentor student research and independent study span the spectrum of the realm of nature. Hedin’s primary focus of ongoing research is within the field of computational nano-electronics. Additional areas of research experience include higher-dimensional physics, fusion plasma physics, integrated optics, and wind power feasibility studies. Hedin has published his research work in more than 60 peer-reviewed articles, essays, and book chapters.

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Shieu-Hong Lin

  • Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Shieu-Hong Lin teaches core courses on computer science and mathematics in the areas of algorithms, artificial intelligence, data science, game theory, machine learning, optimization, and programming. His computer science courses adopt an analysis-design-implementation paradigm to connect the understanding of analytical frameworks with hands-on problem-solving experiences. To keep students abreast of the latest development in the fields, he often brings in elements of his research into the upper-division courses. He encourages students to participate in research projects and has published research results jointly with students. He strives to help students cultivate a holistic perspective of faith and learning to embark upon successful careers and impact the world for Jesus Christ in workplaces.

Lin’s research interests include various topics on algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and operations research. He has been working on optimization problems regarding transportation networks, data analysis of social networks, probabilistic reasoning using belief networks, and automatic verification of temporal logic specifications. Lin has studied how to best manage routing information for optimal vehicle refueling in transportation networks. This was achieved by applying data structures and algorithms needed for implementing a system that can effectively maintain the routing and refueling information dynamically to minimize the fuel cost of point-to-point delivery by motor vehicles.

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Justin Marks

  • Associate Professor of Mathematics

Justin Marks completed his B.S. in Mathematics at Westmont College, and earned his M.S. and doctorate in Mathematics at Colorado State University. His dissertation was in the area of geometric data analysis, with emphasis on developing algorithms for computing mean representatives for a collection of points on a Riemannian manifold. Marks held four postdoctoral positions, including appointments with MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Air Force Institute of Technology, Bowdoin College and Wesleyan University. He comes to Biola after serving three years as an assistant professor at Gonzaga University, during which he helped launch a bachelor of science degree in applied mathematics, and taught for a semester in Florence, Italy. Marks' current research interests center on designing matrix manifold algorithms to extract useful information from big data sets, such as images of human faces and hyperspectral imagery. A native of Palo Alto in the San Francisco Bay area, Marks is delighted to return to sunny California.

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Jason Wilson

  • Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Associate Professor of Mathematics

Jason Wilson oversees the statistics service courses in the Department of Math and Computer Science: Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Business Statistics, and Biostatistics. He teaches Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Numerical Analysis, and God and Math for Math and Computer Science and Statistics for Research in the Applied Psychology Program. Giving students a vision of how the natural laws of the world described by mathematics reflect the nature of God (Romans 1:20), and how that nature empowers them to live for Him (2 Peter 1:4) is a theme of Wilson’s courses.  

Wilson is a generalist statistician and therefore interested in the analysis of data or use of statistical thinking from any area – particularly those with the potential of strategic kingdom impact or service. His primary long-term project involves a patent-pending technique for evaluating the quality of an individual baseball pitch, QOP ( The completeness of the fossil record, the real level of DNA similarity between humans and chimps, and debunking the Bible Code are some of the subjects under development for his Statistical Apologetics book project. Wilson is working towards establishing a Statistical Consulting Center at Biola with a practicum class where the class content would be actual work projects coming into the Center from the corporate/industry sector as well as SSTH research collaborations.

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K.C. Wong

  • Professor of Computer Science

K. C. Wong's teaching interests are in the areas of computer science. He has been teaching undergraduate computer science courses including Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming, Operating Systems, Theory of Algorithms, Theory of Compilers, and Systems Programming. His research interests are in the areas of Computer Science education and Operating Systems, especially related to using the Application Programming Interface (API) approach to design programming assignments for his Operating Systems and Systems Programming courses. He is currently extending the idea shown above to other courses he has been teaching to promote and enhance student’s learning. Wong enjoys integrating Christian faith in those courses he has been teaching through various topics such as "inheritance of creative nature," "a Christian view of parenthood," and "storage of heavenly treasure."

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Yu Yan

  • Associate Professor of Mathematics

Yu Yan teaches a wide range of mathematics courses, such as Calculus, Introduction to Probability and Statistics, and Differential Equations. Her teaching pedagogy focuses on developing the students' thinking and learning skills. Her lessons emphasize conceptual understanding and effective problem solving.  Her passion is to lead students to discover the beauty of mathematics, which provides a glimpse of God's infinite wisdom and glory.

Yan’s research is in the areas of differential geometry, differential equations, and analysis.

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