Experts on "Physics"

John A. Bloom

  • Professor of Physics
  • Director, Science and Religion Program

John Bloom’s interests center on physics and the integration of science and Christianity. At the undergraduate level he regularly teaches the algebra-based Physics I and Physics II sequence, the First-Year Seminar and the Senior Capstone Seminar for department majors. Bloom has a passion for critical thinking, problem solving, and using hands-on lab experiments to help students gain an intuitive sense for physics concepts. Bloom seeks to bring greater theological and historical depth to biblical integration in teaching the Biblical Studies Department’s integration seminar: Christianity and the Natural Sciences.

At the graduate level he teaches Modern Physics, Cosmology and Design, and Advanced Seminar in Intelligent Design for the Master of Arts – Science and Religion and Scientific Apologetics for the Master of Arts – Christian Apologetics. He is the author of The Natural Sciences: A Student’s Guide, which surveys the relationship between Christianity and science, and demonstrates how God’s glory is clearly seen through the discoveries of science.

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Xidong Chen

  • Professor of Physics

Xidong Chen teaches calculus-based General Physics II and III and upper division physics courses, such as Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, and Advanced Physics Lab. He believes that students need to be active participants in the learning process and applies pedagogical approaches both in and out of the classroom to encourage students to do so. His Advanced Lab course is designed to emulate real research experience. Chen views studying physics as an act of worship and loves to share his passion for physics with his students.

Chen’s research currently focuses on density functional theory studies and high performance computing. His other research areas include surface growth dynamics, Monte Carlo simulations, and atomic force microscopy (AFM) studies of cell structures. Chen’s research has resulted in publications in peer-reviewed journals, such as Physical Review Letters and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Eric Hedin

  • Chair, Department of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering
  • Professor of Physics & Astronomy

Eric Hedin’s passion in teaching explores the topics of physics and astronomy in a way that highlights the harmony and design of nature. The laws of physics work together in remarkable concert to provide a universe that not only allows the existence of life, but also invites discovery of the hidden wisdom of its Creator. With more than 20 years of teaching experience in public and Christian higher education, Hedin desires to engage students with the wonder and satisfaction of understanding the depths and boundaries of science.

Hedin has engaged students in research projects ranging from nanoscience to cosmology, and fusion energy to wind power. As a physicist, opportunities to mentor student research and independent study span the spectrum of the realm of nature. Hedin’s primary focus of ongoing research is within the field of computational nano-electronics. Additional areas of research experience include higher-dimensional physics, fusion plasma physics, integrated optics, and wind power feasibility studies. Hedin has published his research work in more than 60 peer-reviewed articles, essays, and book chapters.

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Stanley Ng

  • Director of Engineering Programs
  • Instructor of Engineering

Stanley Ng's career has revolved around engineering and healthcare. After spending time in academic and industry research in biomedical engineering and diagnostics, Ng now serves in higher education. His passion in teaching and mentorship for the next generation of students is derived from engaging small changes for large impact in the world of engineering and healthcare. As an advisor to engineering physics students, his guidance goes beyond the classroom by connecting students with industry professionals or developing course content that best supports students in their engineering career aspirations, primarily revolving around integrating the industry design process with missional utility. In addition, he supports the various physics chemistry laboratories — a place and opportunity for students to examine the fine-tuning of God’s created physical universe. Ng has also served many years as an executive pastor.

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K.C. Wong

  • Professor of Computer Science

K. C. Wong's teaching interests are in the areas of computer science. He has been teaching undergraduate computer science courses including Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming, Operating Systems, Theory of Algorithms, Theory of Compilers, and Systems Programming. His research interests are in the areas of Computer Science education and Operating Systems, especially related to using the Application Programming Interface (API) approach to design programming assignments for his Operating Systems and Systems Programming courses. He is currently extending the idea shown above to other courses he has been teaching to promote and enhance student’s learning. Wong enjoys integrating Christian faith in those courses he has been teaching through various topics such as "inheritance of creative nature," "a Christian view of parenthood," and "storage of heavenly treasure."

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