Experts on "United States Foreign Relations"

Stephanie Chan

  • Assistant Professor of Sociology

Stephanie Chan is a cultural sociologist who teaches courses in introductory sociology, globalization, cross-national sociology, Chinese society, and research design. Her research centers on issues of cross-cultural and international cooperation. She has conducted research on cross-cultural cooperation within transnational non-governmental organizations in China and on debates over U.S. policy for promoting human rights in China. She is currently an assistant professor of sociology at Biola University. Chan received her bachelor’s degree in East Asian studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. She continued to earn her master’s degree in East Asian studies from Stanford University and her doctorate in sociology from the University of California, San Diego.

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Judith Mendelsohn Rood

  • Professor of History and Middle Eastern Studies

Judith Mendelsohn Rood received her Ph.D. in Modern Middle Eastern History from the University of Chicago and her M.A. in Arab Studies from Georgetown University. She earned her B.A. at New College, an experimental liberal arts college modeled on the Oxford University curriculum, and did undergraduate and graduate work at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Rood was the first woman ever permitted to undertake research in the Islamic Archives in Jerusalem, and was the first American since 1967 to do so. Her specialization is the Muslim community in Jerusalem during the Ottoman period. She is especially interested in the relations of Muslims, Christians and Jews from an historical perspective. Currently she is working on writing a history of world civilizations. Rood loves the arts, hiking, swimming and good conversation.

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