Salvo deems Biola “Most Faithful to Religious Heritage”

Jun. 16, 2008 By Jenna Bartlo

The cover of Salvo Magazine

Biola University was deemed as the "Most Faithful to Religious Heritage" in the most recent edition of Salvo magazine, which is dedicated to finding truth and dissipating cultural myths.

The article "Pick Your Poison - Academic Bias is Ubiquitous, but Choosing the Right College Can Minimize the Damage" listed and described what Salvo considered as the ten "decent" colleges followed by ten "deplorable" ones in the nation. Biola was described as Most Faithful to Religious Heritage for remaining theologically sound while not compromising academic quality of the institution.

"Faced with a choice between a theologically sound faculty candidate with a lackluster degree and a candidate from Yale with uncertain theology, most religious schools for the past century went for academic respectability," according to Salvo. "Biola University has declined to make that trade-off."

The summary also touched on Biola's Torrey Honors Institute, the requirement of 30 Bible units for each graduate and the fact that Biola is the only member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities to earn the rank as a national university by US News & World Report.

Princeton University, Wheaton College, Columbia University and College of the Holy Cross were among the other 19 schools mentioned. Other categories included "Best Value," "Best Research University," "Worst Elite College," and "Least Faithful to Religious Heritage."

Salvo, despite their pronounced dislike for relativism, said "the best college for a given student depends largely on his needs and circumstance." Therefore, the article's purpose was not to permanently name colleges as "best and worst" options but to be a guide for students when researching colleges.

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