Professor William Lane Craig Heads to U.K. for Reasonable Faith Debates

Fox News Reports Few Challengers Stepping Up

Aug. 25, 2011 By Jenna Bartlo

Renowned Christian philosopher and Biola University research professor William Lane Craig is headed to the U.K. this fall for a debate tour with humanists and atheists on the rationality of faith. Craig debates often to prove the existence of God, focusing on the connection between science and faith. The apologist has debated well-known atheists such as Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris.

“I think we are living in a time in human history where physical science is more open to the existence of a creator and designer of the universe than at any time in recent memory,” Craig has written.

Fox News recently wrote on the unwillingness of some prominent atheists to challenge Craig in debate. Read Fox News’ article, “Christian Philosopher William Lane Craig is Ready to Debate, but Finds Few Challengers.”

Craig's debate tour has been featured in numerous other articles, including the following:

San Francisco Chronicle: “British Humanists Take to the Bunkers Against Reasonable Faith's Dr. William Lane Craig.” “Atheists decline to debate theologian Lane Craig.”

Church Times: "Atheists decline Oxford debate on God." 

William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at Biola's Talbot School of Theology. He has authored more than 30 books and hundreds of scholarly articles.

Written by Jenna Bartlo, Media Relations Coordinator. Jenna can be reached at 562.777.4061 or through email at

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