Batting for Quality, Alumnus Serves Big Leaguers at Local Bat Manufacturer

Former pro-baseball player returns to the field in a new way

Jul. 8, 2011 By Jenna Bartlo

A former player in the Philadelphia Phillies organization, alumnus and once shortstop at Biola, Sam Orr knows how to relate to Major League Baseball players — something rare and needed in his position at Trinity Bats. Orr came to work for the family-owned company, one of the 31 MLB-approved bat manufacturers, in 2010, and has witnessed the company’s growth in the past year.

“The core concept of Trinity Bats is based on the Christian values the McKee family holds, it’s a great way to express what we truly believe in,” said Orr. “That [God] is the core foundation of what will be the projection of our success.”

The other core concept of Trinity Bats, who serve half the Angels’ lineup and more than 50 big leaguers, is relating to the players they serve and building a relationship with them to serve them better.

“It’s about knowing where the guys are at, mentally, emotionally, and physically in the game and knowing how to ask questions that no one else will ask them,” said Orr.

Orr, who was drafted his junior year at Biola, played three seasons in the Philadelphia Phillies organization before he had career-ending shoulder surgery, knows how to ask those questions.

“I have a high level of playing the game, so I can really relate to a lot of the guys,” said Orr, whose official title at Trinity Bats is Director of Sales and MLB Rep. “It’s your typical sales situation, but you’re working with high profile athletes.”

So what separates Trinity Bats from the hundreds of other bat companies in the US or the other 31 MLB approved manufacturers? Orr says it’s the quality.

“The reason they choose us is because we highly focus on quality, how efficient we can get the product to them, the performance of the product and how we can communicate their needs,” he said.

He completed his degree at Biola this last May and said his classes actually helped him improve his skills as director of sales at Trinity Bats as he was able to use the company as a case study in his classes.  

The Orange County Register ran an article on Trinity Bats June 28, 2011. Read the article, Angels, All-Stars put faith in Trinity bats.



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