Students Provided Opportunity with Nationally-Recognized Leadership Development Institute

Twelve Biola students successfully graduate from the program

Jun. 7, 2013 By Carissa Lehmkuhl

Twelve Biola students graduated from the Millenium Momentum Foundation’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI) April 2013 — representing the largest graduating class from participating schools. The institute provides Biola students with a year-long opportunity for professional training, developing learning skills and gaining tools that will make them marketable after graduation.

“Obtaining employment isn’t just about having a degree anymore; you need skills to be an attractive candidate in today’s business world,” said LDI and Biola alumnus Alain Datcher (‘11).
Datcher says that he learned skills that weren’t necessarily taught within the four walls of a classroom. As a former LDI member and now a peer mentor in the program, Datcher is grateful for the organization’s vision to equip young adults with leadership and employment skills as they prepare to enter the workforce.
“Students are trained by seasoned professionals, not professors, all for the purpose of returning students to public service professions,” said Datcher.

Datcher welcomed the 2013 LDI graduating class — Reylena List, Merari Aleman, Kyle Westwood, Ann Teichert, Crystal Brown, Jamie Castro, Ciara Dines, and Nicholas Steadman.

“The skills we all learned during this leadership training has further prepared me to become an effective communicator and prepared professional as I enter the workforce,” said class salutatorian Steadman. “Our graduating class is prepared to utilize these skills as a rising generation of leaders in America.”

Biola student List reflected on what she experienced through the program.

“Not only did I learn from the speakers, but also from my peers; there were so many people from various backgrounds and varying degrees of education.”

List would definitely recommend the program to interested students.

“There are so many opportunities and connections you make! I experienced more of what the real world will look like after Biola,” she said.  “I now feel confident to go into a room full of people I do not know and give out my business card and share what I am passionate about to someone new.”

The goal of LDI is to help young adults transition effectively from the classroom to the workforce by equipping them with necessary skills such as project management, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, interviewing, and handling finances.  It aims to accomplish this by offering mentoring and professional guidance, along with over 40 hours of skills training spread out over six Saturdays.

Students participate in workshops and training sessions that address topics such as resume writing, public speaking, and turning a passion into a profession. Speakers range from professors to community leaders to business professionals.

In order to graduate, students must complete the final exam with a score of 80 percent or higher. Graduates are then paired with a qualified professional in the student's area of interest who serves as their mentor.

“One of the great things about this program is that students are learning skills they will use in the corporation, the congregation and in the community,“ said Datcher.  “Whether they’re a nursing, communications or business major, they attend this institute to become better young professionals and better citizens.”

Written by Carissa Lehmkuhl, Media Relations Intern.  For more information, contact Jenna Bartlo, Media Relations Specialist, at 562.777.4061 or


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