Christina Barclay Hired as Assistant Coach for Women’s Basketball Team

Biola alumna and former Women’s Basketball player returns to serve as coach

Oct. 21, 2015 By Angelene Wong

Barclay played on the Biola women’s basketball team during her four years as an undergraduate student. She received a bachelor’s degree in cinema and media arts with an emphasis in screenwriting in 2011. After living in Santa Rosa, Calif. for the past four years, Barclay returned to Los Angeles this year to pursue a job as a writer. Although she continues to write for film, Barclay believes she can continue to integrate Biola basketball into her life.

“Not playing basketball for four years — coming back, I did not realize how much I missed it. And I really, really missed it, especially at Biola,” said Barclay.


As a student, Barclay played on the basketball team for four years as a 6-foot-4-inch post player. Now as assistant coach, she focuses on coaching the post players and leads the strength training program.


Head coach Alan Nakamura decided to hire Barclay as a Biola’s women’s basketball assistant coach because he wanted a recent graduate to lead the team and provide wisdom. Both Nakamura and Barclay believe her time on the Biola women’s basketball team allows her to make a unique impact on her players.


“Everything is kind of fresh in my mind and I’m able to impart everything that I’ve learned onto these girls,” Barclay said. “I think it makes me more approachable to the girls because out of all of the coaches, I’m the one that’s closest to their age. I can relate to them better.”


Barclay, who played for 13 years prior to attending Biola, notes that all of the training she received in her basketball career allows her to be an effective coach. However, Barclay is still trying to find balance between her and the other coaches’ techniques.


“It’s a different type of play and a different type of offense when you have a new head coach because [Coach Alan Nakamura] is bringing a lot of what they did from Point Loma [University],” said Barclay. “It’s just kind of about finding that balance.”


Barclay’s time at Biola also allows her to share her experience with her team. As a film major, Barclay did not have much spare time to socialize with her teammates both on and off the court. She notes that as a student, much of her day was spent either doing homework or attending practices. She realizes that while focusing on school responsibilities is important, students must take advantage of the community at Biola.

“I found it fun to write and that was my little world at the time,” Barclay said. “I want [the girls] to make the most out of their experience here.”

Barclay, who currently resides in La Mirada, Calif., is thankful to return to Biola and is excited to immerse herself in the school. During her time away, she realized that Biola offers an environment that is unlike anywhere else.

“Being active and back on campus at Biola is such a joy for me ...” Barclay said. “I really missed the community here.”

Written by Angelene Wong. For more information, contact Jenna Loumagne, media relations specialist, at (562) 777- 4061 or


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