Talbot School of Theology Professors Release New Books

Scott Rae, Kenneth Way, Ben Shin, and Sheryl Silzer recently published books offering insight on ethics, biblical commentary, and cultural complexities of the American church

Dec. 21, 2016 By Brianna Miller

Talbot School of Theology professors Scott Rae, Kenneth Way, Ben Shin, and adjunct professor Sheryl Silzer recently published books offering new insight on the cultural complexities of the American church. Rae, professor of ethics, authored Introducing Christian Ethics: A Short Guide to Making Moral Choices where he highlights important ethical questions posed in the church today. Shin, professor of bible exposition and theology, co-authored Tapestry of Grace: Untangling the Cultural Complexities in Asian American Life and Ministry with Silzer, which focuses on the generational differences in the Asian American church. Way, professor of bible exposition and Old Testament, authored Judges and Ruth from the Teach the Text Commentary Series where he gives commentary on biblical text.


Scott Rae writes on ethical issues in the church today

Rae’s book, “Introducing Christian Ethics: A Short Guide to Making Moral Choices” published by Zondervan on Aug. 16, gives Christians the opportunity to form a sound bias for making ethical decisions. Rae poses 14 ethical questions on issues such as abortion, war, sexual ethics, and capital punishment.

“This book is a first look at Christian ethics, covering both the main issues in ethics and the way to think about ethics from a distinctly Christian view of the world,” said Rae.

For pastors, students and everyday Christians, Rae’s book serves as an opportunity to explore important ethical dilemmas in culture. Within the book, there are additional teaching and study resources based on the questions that correspond with each chapter.

Ben Shin and Sheryl Silzer write on how different generations can reconcile with cultural differences


Shin and Silzer recently published a book together that explores the cultural perspectives in the Asian American church, titled “Tapestry of Grace: Untangling the Cultural Complexities in Asian American Life and Ministry.” The book published by Wipf & Stock in 2016 explains the cultural barriers between generational Asian Americans. The book considers how different generations can appreciate cultural differences and how each can experience reconciliation.

Shin and Silzer apply their knowledge on the cultural complexities that occur between different generations of the Asian American church.


“Dr. Shin and I have seen how Asian and Asian American students have been able to identify the ways in which their beliefs and ministry practices are more cultural than biblical and how their cultural background prevents them from experiencing God’s grace,” said Silzer. “Our book has helped students develop a new outlook on their lives and ministries and they have become better able to appreciate their heritage while still understanding the challenges.”


Ken Way publishes a commentary for Teach the Text Commentary Series


Way released his book on Sept. 20 as a part of the Teach the Text Commentary Series titled, “Judges and Ruth.” Way’s commentary bridges the gap between minutia and exegetical weaknesses by utilizing biblical scholarship.


The “Teach the Text Commentary Series” is designed to provide a ready reference of the biblical text and give access to information in order to communicate the text effectively.


Way’s carefully selected preaching units and focused commentary is helpful in understanding, teaching and illustrating the text, allowing readers to grasp the key themes of each scripture verse.

The book of Judges is not a feel-good book, but it is one we desperately need to study because it reveals so much about the lures, patterns and trajectories of sin. It also reminds us that God is the ultimate deliverer who can break sin's cycles in our lives,” said Way. “The book of Ruth inspires us to be like God by living selflessly and loving kindness. It also shows us that God answers prayers, orchestrates circumstances and blesses the world as His people bless one another.”

This is Way’s first book within the commentary series. He has previously authored Donkeys in the Biblical World: A Ceremonial and Symbolic Study.


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